Who is Larry anyways?

Larry's Coffee Company (formerly Vortex Coffee Co.) is the newest venture by Stephen Schweighardt, owner and operator of beloved Toronto cafes, Larry’s Folly, and Larry’s Back Pocket. Named after his grandfather, Larry’s is a story driven by family, and the comforts of home. It is our goal to bring that same feeling into every cup. 

Larry’s Coffee Company is a micro-roastery based out of Prince Edward County, Ontario, hyper focused on delivering a line of approachable roasts and blends that you want to reach for day in and day out. We pride ourselves on our old-school approach to roasting, driven by rich, cocoa driven flavour profiles.

A note from the roaster,

“Three and a half years ago when I started Larry’s, one of the final pieces to be put in place was choosing the coffee roaster I wanted to work with. I knew the flavour profile I wanted, I could envision exactly how I wanted that first sip to taste, and I knew I wanted a working relationship where we each party valued what the other brought to the table. Along came Vortex.

Two friends who were seeking to roast something a little more old school, loaded with cocoa and who were firing it all up at the same time that we were, smack in the middle of a pandemic (shoutout to my mother-in-law for the connection). It was perfect.

Three years, two coffee shops, and a whole lot of beans later, we reached the next chapter in our working relationship. I’m honoured to carry on what Vortex started, now as Larry’s Coffee Company, and even more excited that the coffee we’ve all fallen in love with is now fully a part of Larry's story.

May the train roll on,

Stephen Schweighardt"